is Microsoft’s answer to Drop Box and it’s a key feature in the future of Windows 8 across all devices. It’s the cloud storage that is made to allow your devices to properly sync with another one and give you a truly ‘personal’ experience that spreads across all of the Microsoft platforms.

This piece of software needs to work for a billion or more users right out of the box when Windows 8 launches and needs to not only function but look great on top of it. Microsoft has been busy pulling all of their applications into a more Metro, I’m sorry, Windows 8 interface and this week it is SkyDrive’s turn. The visual overhaul has been nothing but spectacular in terms of looks. While there has been some people disagreeing with the look it really stands out as both a clean, user friendly, and beautiful interface. They truly hype SkyDrive as a platform for ‘possibilities’ on content that you can create and use anywhere from whatever device that you are on. I am a huge fan of cloud storage for just this use as I use Drop Box religiously for the same reason though with the changes Microsoft has been making (and it’s being built into Windows 8) I may soon be switching which cloud platform I am dedicated to.

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