Apple iPad 2 Smart CoverFor the time being in Shanghai, Apple is allowed to sell iPad tablets, following a ruling regarding naming rights that was suspended. Another company, Proview, claimed to own rights to the name and has appealed to the courts to put a halt to Apple selling its wares in the city, Proview is a Chinese firm.

In response to Apple’s request, the local judicial authorities have postponed acting on the court ruling until after a more significant case has been dealt with later in the month. The claim Apple is making is that it received rights to the name iPad worldwide as far back as 2009. However, Proview has petitioned the court to force the iPad off of Shanghai shelves, not excluding Apple’s own stores. It is only a provisional request, but includes three Apple stores throughout the city. They claim to have registered the name in 2000, long before Apple manufactured their first iPad. Proview has even tried to scare Apple, by threatening to take it to court in the U.S. As well.

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