SensorWakeLoud noises are not fun to wake up to, especially not ridiculous beeps. Yes, you want to be awake, but you don’t want your first thoughts to be negative and frustrated. A Frenchman, Guillaume Rolland, 18, thought of the idea of waking up through scent. Prototypes have been made, and at the Google Science Fair Guillaume’s invention placed in the top 15 “inventions that can change the world” in 2014.

The device is called SensorWake, and is an alarm clock where the alarm is a scent. Testing done on 100 people using the SensorWake found that 99% of the time in under 2 minutes. If you happen to have a stuffy nose, then an alarm will sound after 3 minutes. To use the device, a capsule is inserted into the machine and the alarm set. The scent will come out at the designated time, waking you up in the morning with a rude beeping which shocks up more than wakes up.

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