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Sony unveiled a new list of Gadgets at IFA 2011

Sony eReader PRS-T1The 51st annual IFA, the largest consumer electronics and home appliance show in the world, began it’s five day extravaganza. This is when consumer electronics are redefined for the next twelve months. The size of this show is humongous. Last year in Berlin there were more than 230,000 attendees.

Sony claimed at the Sony IFA 2011 press event that over 800 million people use Sony products. It seems hard to believe, but they are probably counting one person per product. It is more likely that if a person likes Sony, they will own many Sony items. So we can safely dismiss that number as bloated. However, the hype over some of the advancements by Sony is anything but bloated. There are some amazing products to be excited about.

The Sony eReader Wi-Fi PRS-T1 is a mere 6-inches, weighs only 168 grams, and is simply 8.9mm thick. It has a one-month battery life and will be able to be loaned from libraries. The E InkPearl display yields a crystal clear, without glare and high-contrast. There is no eye-strain and it can be read even in direct sunlight.

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Sony joins the Honeycomb Party with two Unique Tablets

Sony S1 and S2 TabletsLast week Sony announced their entrance in the tablet world with two uniquely designed tablets S1 and S2. Of course these tablets will run with Android 3.0 Honeycomb as rumored in the February.

The S1 is designed as a magazine and really feels like a magazine when you hold it and the S2 is a dual screen tablet which makes it easy to carry in your pocket. Yes, this is the feature which you were looking for so long, a really portable tablet!

The S1 has a 9.4-inch display which has lots of uses: this tablet is not equally thick in all areas. Rather it is thicker at the upper side and it is gradually thinned towards the bottom. That’s why it’s called the magazine style, it’s really easy to hold and has a better grip than other tablets in the market. Sony promised that these tablets will be lighter too.

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