iPhone 4WWDC 2010 conference begun today, and Steve Jobs had a keynote where he presented the past and the future of Apple.
More than 1000 Apple engineers will attend at the event scheduled between 7 and 11 of June at Moscone West, in San Francisco, California.

The event begun as usual with numbers, huge numbers recorded by Apple:  2 million iPads sold, 5 million books downloaded, 15.000 new apps submitted each day and 95% accepted, 5 billion downloads and $ 1 billion paid to developers. Another big news for book readers is that PDF(viewer/reader) is now available at the iBooks section. Three major new apps were presented than: Netflix, Guitar Hero and Farmville.

Than, the major announcement was made: iPhone text appeared on the screen and so the next Apple phone will be called iPhone 4 and not 4G or HD as we were supposing. The shape and some of his specs were seen before, thanks to an Apple developer who forgot the device in a bar and Gizmodo.

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