RIM HeadquartersThe horror finally ended for Research In Motion (RIM), as co-CEO Mike Lazaridis confirmed that the outages within BlackBerry’s network are over. The service outage held a duration of four days and shocked many of BlackBerry’s users world-wide. Research In Motion co-CEO Mike Lazaridis later apologized on a video for his customers and hopes no such thing takes place again.

Lazaridis, in his video apology, stated: “We’ve let many of you down…You expect better from us. And I expect better from us.”

The service issue was initially “resolved” on Monday evening, however RIM later realized that the issues kept going in the Easter hemisphere; the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. RIM notified its users that the outage was because of a “core switch failure”. On Wednesday, RIM added that the massive backlog dealing with e-mails was the cause to the stress on its systems; this massive backlog was primarily the cause of the service outage. India and the Americas subsequently suffered the outage as well.

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