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PlayStation 4, Xbox 720 and the future of Gaming Consoles

  • 04/03/2013 at 06:40 by It's a Gadget Staff
  • Gaming

Sony PlayStation 4 HolidayIn 2013 all gaming enthusiasts are excited: PlayStation 4 will be released and rumour has it Microsoft will do the same with Xbox 720 or whatever the name of their next generation console will be. Although until now we just have the official specs of the upcoming PlayStation 4 console and some leaked and rumoured specs of Xbox 720 analysts believe Sony’s console will win the battle.

PlayStation 4 event was one of the strangest event I ever watched. It’s similar with what happened when Microsoft announced Surface tablets last year. It was that type of event where you see just a small part of what’s coming while the most interesting things are left to be announced later.

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iOS And Final Fantasy Tactics Don’t Go Well Together

iOS Final FantasyAll the Final Fantasy games have managed to accrue fans all over the world. After the movies were released, more and more players flocked the different stores to purchase their games. As the gaming world evolved to include mobile phones, Final Fantasy was also release as a mobile version.

Nonetheless, there is one particular problem that makes the entire game – Final Fantasy Tactics – almost impossible to play.

Final Fantasy Tactics was developed by Square Enix. They are the ones that were in charge of putting together the mobile version for various Apple devices, such as the iPhone 4, iPad and iPod touch.

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Despite Hacker Alerts, Sony Unveiled PlayStation Vita at E3 2011

Sony PlayStation VitaThis week, during E3 2011, Sony unveiled their latest product called PlayStation Vita. They had already announced it in Japan at the beginning of this year(project called NGP), but now it was the time for North America. The new gadget features a multitouch screen that measures 5 inches, two joysticks, touchpads in the front and rear, as well as cameras.

For those who speak Italian might know that the name Vita means life. Sony stated that they have high hopes that this latest gadget will lead the player to almost doubt between what is real and what is not. It will come with WiFi and there are going to be two models available. The first one will cost $249 while the other will cost $299 since it will also include 3G.

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PlayStation hackers claim to have stolen 2.2 million Credit Cards

  • 01/05/2011 at 02:03 by It's a Gadget Staff
  • Gaming, News

PlayStation NetworkMost of you are aware of the recent attack on the PlayStation Network caused by a small group of hackers, however now the hackers have claimed to have accumulated the details of over 2.2 million credit card numbers.

Despite Sony’s huge effort the control the situation, the hackers seem to be avoiding all security systems put in place by Sony, therefore many have had their personal information stolen and bank accounts compromised.

These claims were discovered on underground online forums, however  security researchers have stated that it is not possible to verify the frightening claims made by the hackers. Over 77 million PSN users have reported suspicious and unverified being placed on their credit cards, this has put a huge amount of pressure upon Sony to put an end to the security crisis.

All of these claims lead Sony to temporarily shut down the services of the PlayStation Network between the 17th and 19th of April.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia Play finally made official at MWC 2011

Sony Ericsson Xperia PlayThe wait is over gadget lovers as just few minutes ago Sony Ericsson leave every rumour away and officially announced Xperia Play at Barcelona. What a way to begin MWC 2011 !!!

There were doubts that any mobile phone manufacturer in the world would produce a phone that is optimized both as telephony and as a gaming gadget. Sony Ericsson teased these doubts as far as October 2010 by leaking a prototype of such phone, which stirred many enthusiasts. However, until January 2011, people saw only one full-playstation handset offered by the mother company of the teaser (PSP2).

The official announcement was teased last week by a Super Bowl ad where the green Android was attached with human fingers symbolizing that “Android is ready to Play”(two thumbs at each shiny green hand, exactly).

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PlayStation Phone, rumour or reality ?!

PlayStation PhoneFirst there was the PlayStation portable that managed to creep into every 10 year old’s pockets. Now, here comes the PlayStation Phone, or so they say.

When we all had the original Sony PlayStation portable (PSP) many sure wished it had call making capabilities, at least we did! Then came the PSP 3000 versions or the PSP II that had native Skype support, enabling us to make faux calls over the Internet/Wi-Fi. Now the Gods at Sony have listened our demands  and are cooking up the next gen PSP with true phone functionality! Yes, it seems to be all real and yeah you can now send your old mobile phone to recycle plant as we give you an excuse to upgrade! Here’s what we dug up.

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PlayStation announced Move motion controller

PlayStation MoveE3 2010 is finished, but we didn’t want to end this important week without one last announcement from there: PlayStation Move.

Move is a motion-sensing game controller developed by PlayStation for their 3-rd generation of consoles and claims to be better than Nintendo WII one. As you may see from the left picture, this motion system  has two components: Motion controller and Navigation one. Both use Bluetooth 2.0 wireless radio communication and an internal lithium-ion battery(charged by USB) to communicate with PlayStation unit. You can you use up to four move controllers same time.

The motion controller allows the user to interact with the game wirelessly with motion and positioning sensors through PlayStation Eye Camera. The color changing rubber sphere from the top of this controller helps PlayStation to track your position in 3D space with 3 coordinates(X, Y, Z).

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