Motorola Photon 4GResearch in Motion (RIM) creator of BlackBerry is receiving hard hits from Motorola, especially since their partnership with Nextel from Sprint. Just few days ago, on June 9, Motorola made the announcement of their brand-new Photon 4G. The Photon is a sophisticated smartphone that runs on Android and features innovative security options, which would make it a perfect contender to bring BlackBerry down.

Motorola stated that they are presenting customers with more options, and that the Photon comes with VPN support and security features such as remote wipe.

The reason why RIM has been so successful is due to their superb mobile e- mail service, and the lack of competitors in that area. Most customers have been relying on BlackBerry phones for e-mail matters. However, they have been stayed up to date when it comes to other types of features and novel gadgets. This has been evidenced by the market results of the last quarters. As a matter of fact, they were placed third in a report published by ComScore.

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