HTC One SmartphonesHTC realizes that it needs to overhaul its entire line of phones, but is it doing what it needs fast enough and is it being instituted as widely as it needs to please the public? Of course, the company line is to glamorize it as an already achieved success, but reality proves otherwise. This reality can be seen in the so-called “new” HTC phones for 2012: One S, One X and One V which were announced at MWC 2012.

Head of UK marketing for HTC, James Atkins tried to justify the slow and inconsistently applied changes, “We are still a young company and everything in our market is changing so quickly.” Is this a statement or an excuse? After all, HTC made a rather meteoric rise from white label to the top Android phone. But it slipped, yielding to Samsung and would rather forget this entire time period and start afresh.

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