LG 55 Inch OLED TVRumors have been flying the entire year, claiming LG is the manufacturer of the TV inside Apple HDTV. Out of all of the big named display manufacturers, LG has the tightest relationship with Apple.

Among the products LG manufactures for Apple are the iPhone Retina Displays, iPod Touch, a few and iPad displays. In addition to these ties with Apple, a $500 investment has been sunk into LG displays by Apple in 2009. The total money invested was in exchange for an exclusive access to the 27-inch displays which are now known as Thunderbolt Displays, used for iMacs. It was only a temporary arrangement, though.

Sony, on the other hand, while manufacturing OLED’s, has no such relationship with Apple, particularly regarding displays. Finally, Samsung, a third OLED manufacturer, is battling Apple over patent infringement.

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