Nintendo 3DS OfficialFrom the pre-release period, the Nintendo 3DS is getting a big attention of the media.The outside design is that much changed from the previous ones, but after opening the console the differences will come out one after another just like surprises.  The major change is the inclusion of  a Slide Pad for your left thumb. This is also a very important change besides it’s being 3D though it’s been criticized a lot for making the touch screen under the main display resistive and stylus friendly. Recently after the release of the US version, the responses are coming out and gamers are happy, but there are still issues with the device.

First comes the most staggering feature, Glass Free 3D. The 3D display is 3.5 inches diagonally and its resolution is 800 x 240 pixels. Is it sounding too wide? Actually you will get 400 x 240 pixels as they will be divided to your both eyes separately. Still it’s a big leap from the 256 x 192 pixels. Pushing the little switch on the right will toggle the 3D mode of the display. 3D really does the magic with some ‘if’s. To feel the 3D you will have to be stable with the console, otherwise your hand will be busy adjusting the 3D intensity of the display rather than perfecting aims in the games.  Holding it steadily 12 inches far from the eyes will give you the best 3D experience.

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