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EFF suggests new Privacy Bill of Rights for Mobile Users

EFF LogoThe mobile application world is vast, powerful, and is becoming a more influential technology as each year passes. Unfortunately mobile apps are still relatively new but they have swiftly surpassed all expectations leaving people to scramble in an attempt to set up proper privacy protection rights. Since smartphones and other mobile devices are constantly connected to the internet and are constantly capable of relaying incredibly sensitive user data, it is crucial that carriers, developers, and mobile device manufacturers be held to a strict set of privacy laws that are not quite yet in place.

Despite the fact that there is no set bill of rights for privacy laws that mobile apps and devices should adhere to, there is a basic framework that exists. Below is a basic guide on how consumer privacy should be handled. Electronic Frontier Foundation(EFF) guide is based off of documents such as “Consumer Data Privacy in a Networked World”, and the “Bill of Privacy Rights for Social Network Users”.

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Steve Jobs’s Patent War may not be the best approach for Apple

  • 31/12/2011 at 18:21 by It's a Gadget Staff
  • Technology

Steve Jobs AppleOn October 5, 2011 the living icon and co- founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, tragically passed away. His death was mourned by millions however his legacy, Apple, continues on as he planned. Before Steve Jobs passed away he began to set into motion a fierce battle between Apple Inc. and Google Inc. over something he believed very strongly about: theft.

Indeed Apple, headed by Jobs, began several legal actions against other companies under the basis of intellectual theft. Such companies include HTC Corp, Motorola Mobility Inc., and Samsung Electronics Co. These three companies are the largest android users and Steve Jobs stated that he’d rather “wage thermonuclear war” with them as opposed to making deals to share technology.

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5 Mobile Trends from 2011

Trends ChartAs 2011 is coming to an end wrap ups and overviews of the year spring up like weeds after a rain. Here, however, we have a somewhat different look back on this eventful year and it analyzes five different trends that have arisen in the mobile industry that will carry on to the coming year.

We all know mobile has completely changed everything and with each passing year it evolves more. This year was no different. These five trends all encompass various aspects of current mobile technology and some of the figures are somewhat surprising.

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