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LG G3 flagship is official: 5.5-inch Quad HD display, laser autofocus and Snapdragon 801 SoC

LG G3LG has officially released details of their new flagship smartphone, the G3. After a month of “leaks” purposely let into the media by the mobile company, the actual product appears to be everything the numerous teasers promised. At first, it’s not a big surprise that LG G3 specs are outstanding and pretty much similar with Sony Xperia Z2, HTC One(M8), Samsung Galaxy S5, and even OnePlus One.

As they have been looking to compete on a market going ever more towards a small handful of dominant brands, this is the biggest release from the company in a long time. Not only does it hold advanced features, but it has an interesting new design.

Technical Specs

There will be two different versions of the LG G3. First is the 16 GB model that follows the hardware standards you would expect from a higher end model with 2 GB RAM. The more interesting is a 32 GB model with a full 3 GB of RAM.

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Mobile Carriers rejected the proposal to create “Kill Switch” for stolen Smartphones

Smartphone SpyYou might remember awhile ago we did a story about police agencies requesting a ‘kill switch’ to help curb mobile phone thefts. But phone carriers have rejected the idea, despite manufacturers move to offer the feature.

Every year, more than one and a half million smartphones are stolen in the United States alone, the highest number of thefts related to iPhones. With these statistics in hand, law enforcement agencies and the consumer protection group Secure Our Smartphones asked manufacturers like Apple and Samsung to begin implementing this kill switch into their models.

Samsung has been the first to release word of their software update, which would essentially brick a phone by making it inoperable when stolen. That option would be handled from the end of the consumer who had lost the device.

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FreedomPop Free Mobile Phone Service is now available

FreedomPopFreedomPop has become an official carrier, offering a free mobile plan to buyers of their smartphone. It is the first service of its kind, and already it is making other mobile companies sweat.

Here is how it works:

You pay for the smartphone, which right now is a a refurbished HTC EVO 4G for $99. That phone will come with an automatic 200 minutes, 500 texts and 500 MB 4G/3G data plan. Alternatives include a $7.99 per month plan on 500 minutes, unlimited text and 500 MB data, or $10.99 per month unlimited voice and text with the 500 MB data.

You can also do a free trial for 1GB data plans that after the trial will become $0.01 per MB over the allocation, and $2.49 optional visual voicemail.

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Feature Phones shipments under Smartphones for the first time ever

Girl PhoneAs of today, IDC reports that in the past quarter there were more smartphones shipped than feature phones. In the first quarter of 2013, for the first time ever, there were 216.2 million smartphones shipped from a total of 418.6 million cellphones worldwide. So 51.6 percent of the cellphones shipped worldwide were smartphones.

Compared to the same quarter of 2012, the year-over-year change is outstanding for the smartphone market. The market recorded a 41.6 percent growth compared to the 152.7 million units shipped in 1Q12, but was 5.1 percent lower than the last quarter of 2012.

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Why you should invest in a phone case ?

Blackberry CaseWhether you’ve got the latest iPhone, Blackberry or Nokia Smartphone, it’s always important to make sure you’ve got the best protection available to keep it safe from those inevitable knocks and drops. Here’s exactly why you should invest in a reliable phone case.

Getting the right phone cover will keep the exterior of your phone as safe as possible. Knocks and drops will no longer be a problem, and you can drop your phone in your bag or put it in your pocket without worrying about scratches later on. Good cases will also keep out any dirt or dust that may get into your phone via headphones or charging points, greatly reducing the risk of damage.

Using a phone case can also provide vital protection for the inner and more delicate parts of your phone.

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Privacy Protection for Mobile Apps finally on the horizon

Privacy PolicyThe privacy protection of mobile users is big problem these days, especially since many companies are finding loop holes to exploit and further use personal information for advertising and data collection. One area that needed to be updated was the mobile application privacy monitoring.

The Attorney General of California, Kamal Harris, revealed some surprising information about how mobile apps were taking advantage of users and extracting information. One such practice by mobile apps was to go through the user’s address book information and then use that without notifying or even requesting the permission of the user. After complains, concerns, and allegations began to pile up, something is finally being done.

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Some cool Facts about Americans and their Cell Phones

Mobile Phone TalkThe old fake out that you are on the phone with someone is not as rare as you might think. Out of every 13 Americans 1 employs this strategy to put off someone they do not want to talk with face to face, or they simply want to send the signal of lesser respect.

The Pew Internet and American Life Project executed the poll and probed the benefits and drawbacks to owning a cell phone. The convenience of the phone can be both a blessing and a curse. More than 50% of cell phone owners used their phones a minimum of one time to obtain info they required in a hurry. However, 27% said they were in a precarious situation in the last 30 days where they needed their phone, but did not have it. It was even higher, 42%, for young adults between the ages of 18 and 29.

Everyone expects the cell phone to be ready for emergency use. So you may not be shocked to learn that 40% of owners claimed their phones were handy in at least one emergency scenario.

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