Rumoured Amazon TabletPublishers of magazines were elated thinking of selling their wares on iPad in 2010, but as we turn the page of the calendar and face this year, they are singing slightly off key. Their optimism has boiled dry. While they are still eager, there is a strong vein of skepticism that carries over to Amazon’s tablet(rumored to be called Kindle Fire). Mostly it is due to how Apple managed the negotiations with the publishers. Apple played the dictator to start and nearly lost everyone. It is no surprise now that publishers are a bit reticent in the next big deal.

There are currently only three of the largest magazine publishers on board with Amazon as it faces releasing its own iPad knockoff. The digital sales deals are between Amazon and Hearst, Conde Nast, and Meredith. They will be allowed the rights to sell their publications on the Amazon tablet.

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