World IPv6 Day June 6IPv6 is an extended addressing system for networks. It provides 3.4 x 1038 addresses (about 670 quadrillion addresses for every square mm of the entire surface of our planet), compared to 4.29 x 109 for IPv4, the existing protocol (not even one single IP address per person on Earth). Herein lies the justification alone for converting existing networks to the new IPv6 protocol.

IPv6 was announced and then disappeared. Today it is back again, but is not going anywhere this time. The Internet Society gave a public announcement Tuesday of the “World IPv6 Launch Day”. It is the beginning of the last stage of transitioning out of IPv4 and into IPv6. This launch day is still a little more than five months off, due June 6, but it is quite nearly a year following a 24-hour test run of the IP protocol. At that time quite a number of high profile businesses activated IPv6 AAAA record resolution on the domain for their main websites.

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