Apple iPod Shuffle and ClassicAs many of you know, Apple’s iPhone has become exceptionally popular. However because of this, some of Apple’s own products have suffered, leaving them obsolete and “uncool.” In Q4 of 2001, the very first iPod was released to the public, and it only had basic portable music player capabilities, 5GB hard drive, and a white LCD display. As time progressed, another upgraded model was released, along with another, and so on and so forth. Just 10 years later, this product, although it has been through five major upgrades and tops at a whopping 160GB, has degraded in revenue.

In 2010, Apple’s iPod sales were only at 8% (coined by CNET). What is Apple’s next move? According to several sources on the net, Apple will start slashing the iPod models, excluding the Nano and Touch. This means that the Classic and Shuffle will no longer be available. Is this an intelligent initiative for Apple or will it have a distraught effect amongst Apple consumers? In retaliation, Apple is supposedly releasing a white iPod Touch this year, along with a modest upgrade from the current generation. The question is, will this change in product inventory benefit the multi-billion dollar corporation?

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