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US iPhone retailers training employees for quickly approaching trade-in program

Apple iPhone 5Exciting news for iPhone lovers! Apple is set to start offering their iPhone trade-in program within the United States, and it looks like it is coming more quickly than we might have expected.

According to sources in the company, the program is going to be launching in September. It might even be as soon as within the next couple of weeks. They have already started mass training at retailers across the country to make sure employees are aware of how it is going to work.

There has already been a trade-in option for most providers, such as Verizon and AT&T. But this one is more direct, coming from Apple itself and offering benefits the others lack.

We don’t have a solid launch date, but we do have a description of the program thanks to TechCrunch.

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Will the next iPhone have a fingerprint sensor ?

iPhone FingerprintOver the last couple of months there have been rumors of a fingerprint scanner being included in the coming model iPhone 5S(or whatever the name will be). These speculations seem to have some merit thanks to Apple’s acquisition of AuthenTec, an embedded security company that specializes in fingerprint scanning.

If these rumors are correct it could be a game changer in the world of mobile security.  Last month we covered a story about law enforcement and their call for a ‘kill switch’ that would render stolen phones unusable. This may be an alternative security measure that helps to secure data located on mobile devices.

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Apple sales are nicely propelled by old devices like the iPhone 4

iPhone 4 Side ButtonsWhen you think of Apple products you probably have an image of a never ending line of updates. Once they released the first iPhone the company seemed to be on a mission to upgrade as often as possible with the latest new technology. But however popular each released incarnation proves itself to be, that isn’t what drives sales. The real money maker? The iPhone 4.

Still at the top of its sales game, many experts are referring to the fourth generation iPhone as Apple’s “secret weapon”. Even as rumors of the iPhone 6 abound, people are still purchasing the iPhone 4 all over the world, three years after its release.

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Apple next-gen iPhone and iPad Mini are still causing a lot of headaches

  • 01/09/2012 at 23:26 by It's a Gadget Staff
  • News

Apple LogoWe are still a few weeks away from Apple’s big product announcements for the iPad Mini, iPhone 5 and their lineup for the upcoming year. Historically, the announcement has been shrouded in secrecy. Every year has been filled with a ton of new surprises to look forward to. Sure a few general upgrades may be known about but this year it we’ve been given a lot of information early and unless they have something huge up their sleeve we aren’t going to be seeing any huge surprise products this time around.

To start with the iPad Mini is going to be one of the largest of the new release announcements from the tech giant. Generally when a new product is announced from Apple it’s on their big announcement date that we find out all of the details. It’s really quite surprising with how much of the iPad Mini that has already been leaked to the press.

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The Apple vs Samsung Court Case expose a ton of new facts

  • 10/08/2012 at 23:02 by It's a Gadget Staff
  • News

Samsung vs AppleThe trial between Apple and Samsung is a case over patent disputes between two companies who are viciously fighting for the same market space. While in the long run this will probably be bad for consumers due to raised prices or limited products on one side or the other during the short run we’ve been finding out all kinds of fun details about the companies. The courts have insisted that both companies open up their sales books and give us a slew of new information on how each company is doing and how products were developed. While regular stock reports give us limited amounts of this date we’re actually able to see exactly how much of a product has now sold in a time period by both of these two electronics juggernauts.

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Google is changing up Search and much more

GoogleWell it seems like the big tech companies are all making a slew of changes in the upcoming year. Microsoft has Windows 8 coming out, Apple has a new iPhone, and the King Of Search? Well Google has a few tricks up its sleeves as well that all directly or indirectly involve search!

Google’s search engine is so powerful it has changed how everyone interacts with the Internet and apparently this is only the beginning. The Next Web recently sat down in Google’s offices to have a little sit down with their team and report on what Google is working on at the time. One of the most common questions they are ever asked is What is the future of search? Well today they gave a surprisingly simple answer that really makes a lot of sense when you read it

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This summer Apple is busy with iPhone 5 and a lot of speculations

  • 07/08/2012 at 23:38 by It's a Gadget Staff
  • Platforms

Apple LogoIt’s been a big news for announcements on iOS apps and Apple, none of which never came directly from Apple though we did find some evidence that an iPhone 5 rumor was actually a fact. We’ll get to that in a minute though.

We’ve got a couple pieces of good news for the company in the form of a new app release and another app’s update, a couple pieces of bad news which will end up more annoying than anything, and another unofficial confirmation on a rumor concerning the new iPhone 5 that is mostly likely going to be announced next month. With so many hints on the rumor we’ll be talking about it would be great for Apple to step up and make an official announcement but as we all know it would completely go against their track record on how they deal with rumors.

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