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Apple iPhone 5 is now Official: Slimmer, Faster, LTE and iOS 6

Apple iPhone 5 and EarPodsIt’s probably not news to anyone keeping up with the tech community that the iPhone 5 was launched yesterday. At around 1PM San Francisco time, Apple held their usual “top-secret” press conference to make a big announcement. And of course, it was no surprise when they unveiled the new iPhone 5, because the phone looks quite similar with the leaks we’ve seen few months ago.

Apart from all of the media hype surrounding the event, what does the phone actually do differently than the iPhone 4 or 4S?

Obviously, there was plenty of speculation on what the new phone would be capable of, but have those rumors lived up to the hype? Let’s take a look and see what’s new.

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This summer Apple is busy with iPhone 5 and a lot of speculations

  • 07/08/2012 at 23:38 by It's a Gadget Staff
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Apple LogoIt’s been a big news for announcements on iOS apps and Apple, none of which never came directly from Apple though we did find some evidence that an iPhone 5 rumor was actually a fact. We’ll get to that in a minute though.

We’ve got a couple pieces of good news for the company in the form of a new app release and another app’s update, a couple pieces of bad news which will end up more annoying than anything, and another unofficial confirmation on a rumor concerning the new iPhone 5 that is mostly likely going to be announced next month. With so many hints on the rumor we’ll be talking about it would be great for Apple to step up and make an official announcement but as we all know it would completely go against their track record on how they deal with rumors.

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Leak: Is this the iPhone 5 design ?

9to5mac iPhone 5 Leak CaseWe are not surprised to see clandestine photos surface claiming to be shots of the next iPhone’s chasis. At first sight the screen appears to be longer and, as speculation has it, this could be a design to allow a larger battery. One crazy thing is that the headphone jack is plastered on the bottom. The dock connector has been altered too, much smaller in size to the dock connector on existing iPhones. That spells nothing but trouble if you already own peripherals for your iPhone. This is the iPhone 5 and it has the world already grasping for straws to predict what it will be.

It was only last Tuesday that many photos surfaced, claiming to reveal all the goodies of the next iPhone by Apple. 9to5Mac was one culprit, along with couple of repair shops and a Hong Kong mobile phone accessories reseller.

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Samsung kills Nokia after 14 years and becomes world’s biggest phone maker

SamsungStrategy Analytics announced that their research indicates Samsung has ousted Nokia as the world’s biggest mobile phone manufacturer. It was as far back as 1998 that Nokia had toppled Motorola for the number one spot, and now in the first quarter of 2012 Samsung has done it to Nokia, 93 million units to 83 million.

As if this weren’t enough, Samsung raked in its biggest profits in the past 4 years. Imagine, $4.5 billion as of March 31, 81% above last year. Not that it’s any consolation, but Samsung also holds the top world ranking for TV’s and flat screens.

Samsung admits that they expect their earnings to continue exponentially with the same momentum it is currently showing, since they have the competitive advantage. This comes from Robert Yi, Samsung’s head of investor relations.

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Apple sets the iPhone Keynote for October 4 at Cupertino, California

Apple iPhone EventOnly a few days remain until the next generation iPhone is to be announced and sources all over the web are reporting that the magic date will be October 4, 2011. A bigger question still has not been addressed: What will Apple be releasing?

Sources all over the net suggest that the next tier iPhone is going to be announced by Apple CEO Tim Cook at the “Let’s Talk iPhone” event.

This event will be held at Apple’s main headquarters, in Cupertino, California. Unlike previous keynotes which took place in San Francisco, Apple has decided to deliver the keynote address closer to home. In addition, AT&T has had some interesting alterations in their employees’ vacation days. To be specific, there have been set blackout points lasting from October 3rd until mid-October. These blackout points are said to have been directly related to an inventory change. What does this mean? In a nutshell, a particular case such as this can only mean one thing: a major release of a top-selling phone, aka Apple’s latest, upgraded iPhone. A confirmed source also notes that AT&T has an updated list of products; six to precise. The six products SKUs may or may not be Apple’s products, however, what else could cause a blackout in a corporation such as AT&T? In response to these allegations, AT&T did not directly respond.

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Apple’s iPhone 5 Keynote from October 4 should be the Biggest Event of this Year

Apple iPhone 5 Rumoured DesignIt is coming sooner than you think. The next iPhone will be unveiled on October 4th, so we’ve heard. Rumors are flying back and forth regarding the precise date, not to mention the features of the latest iPhone. Although the date has been a moving target, AllThingsD, the Wall Street Journal website pinned it down and many believe this is now a fairly certain time. It is likely Apple will also have the iPhone ready for purchase only a few weeks after the official keynote. We sure hope so.

Certainly the iPhone 5 itself is the reason enough to attend, but this historic event has far more significance for the company than any single product. With the leaving of the ever popular Steve Jobs, Apple is undergoing a transfer of power unparalleled in the history of the industry. Whether its value can withstand, this transition will be seen over the long haul. Right now we are all eager to see whether Tim Cook can fill the shoes of the charismatic leader that has stepped down.

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Android should feel threatened by iPhone 5

Android and AppleYou probably remember about a year ago, when Android started to be the source of some news because it appeared to be soaring high in sales. Some were amazed that the Android, being fairly new, was becoming so popular in the wild mobile market. Apple fans were wary about it as well. However, the fact that the iPhone was only available through AT&T and Android was available through four different carriers made a clear difference.

The Droid continue to soar high, along with other phones, until Verizon started to offer the iPhone as well. Almost six months after the news had broken out that the Droid was doing so great, Verizon included the iPhone in their collection. After this happened, it was easy to see how Android’s sales were directly impacted.

To top things, sales report showed that the iPhone alone in Verizon had already alone 2.2 million phones in a period of two short months. This dented Android’s sales noticeably, and their share started to shrink. This was the first time in a while that Android encountered problems with sales.

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