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Apple sales are nicely propelled by old devices like the iPhone 4

iPhone 4 Side ButtonsWhen you think of Apple products you probably have an image of a never ending line of updates. Once they released the first iPhone the company seemed to be on a mission to upgrade as often as possible with the latest new technology. But however popular each released incarnation proves itself to be, that isn’t what drives sales. The real money maker? The iPhone 4.

Still at the top of its sales game, many experts are referring to the fourth generation iPhone as Apple’s “secret weapon”. Even as rumors of the iPhone 6 abound, people are still purchasing the iPhone 4 all over the world, three years after its release.

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Two Men charged due to iPhone 4 Prototype, Gizmodo Guys are not amoung them

  • 18/08/2011 at 20:12 by It's a Gadget Staff
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Steve JobsAs you may remember about a year ago two men found a prototype iPhone 4, and they allegedly sold it to the gadget blog Gizmodo. The San Mateo County District attorney’s office pressed criminal charges against the two men.

Brian Hogan is the person who found a prototype iPhone in a bar in California, when an engineer from the Apple Company left it there unattended. The district attorney of San Mateo County, Steve Wagstaffe, pressed charges of misdemeanor theft against Brian Hogan.

Sage Robert Wallower was also charged because he got in touch with various online technology sites. Presumably, he was contacting them in an attempt to sell the prototype phone.

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Apple has finally released the White version of iPhone 4

Apple iPhone 4 WhiteSome gimmicks work wonderfully. For example, let’s take a trip down memory lane and recall the episode of South Park where Eric Cartman, the incorrigible antagonist in many cases against his three other childhood friends, buys a theme park and advertises that no one can enjoy it with exception for he, himself. Apple may have taken this strategy to heart when considering their product line has consistently released white plastic hardware prior to the availability of the color black. Whether ivory or ebony, people always supply Apple with an outstanding hardware release, lining up out front of stores and camping to get their hands on new products. It seems as though when sales begin to slow, Apple’s motto is “bring in a new color”!

On Thursday, April 28th, 2011, the white iPhone 4 became available through Apple stores and authorized retailers including AT&T and Verizon. What was reportedly a rare setback, the white iPhone 4 was delayed for release due to “manufacturing challenges”.

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Is iPhone 4 unbeatable?

iPhone 4 They say that the iPhone 4 is one of the slimmest mobile phones in the world and they wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true, but what makes this so remarkable is that from many points of view it is also the best smartphone in the world. At least that is what millions of its users believe; such is the popularity of the phone that many other smartphone suppliers are feeling the pain. Does the iPhone 4 really live up to its reputation and all the hype that surrounds it? In our humble opinion we really think that it does. It is by far from being the cheapest phone on the market; in fact it is one of the more expensive smartphones, so if you are on a tight budget then it might well be out of your price range. But if you are willing to pay a little more in order to get your hands on a real quality smartphone, then you will not go wrong with Apple’s latest release.

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The technology behind iPhone 4 Camera

iPhone 4 CameraIt seems that every other month or so Apple announce a new software or hardware innovation that keeps them firmly at the forefront of the technologies market. It is easy for followers of technology then to feel that new advances are now a formality and not as exciting as they were. This, however, is not the case as there have been several exciting pieces of software, and hardware, that have been introduced to the public over the last year, not the least of these being the camera on the iPhone 4.

When announcing the iPhone 4 and its latest features, Steve Jobs was visibly proud of the camera attached to the phone. The fact is that, usually, camera’s on phones are decent for taking the odd casual snaps but do not measure up to even the low grade compact cameras currently on sale.

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Nokia, HTC, RIM and Samsung deny Apple allegations

Samsung Nokia Htc Rim against AppleAt the Apple last conference(July 16) Steve Jobs accused Samsung, HTC, Rim and Nokia for having the same problems that they’ve got on iPhone 4 smart-phone: antenna problems.

Expanding the problem towards four other big mobile producers was not a smart choice for Apple and the time will surely prove that.

All four blamed companies filled press releases where they explained about their antennas and some(Samsung) claimed as “unacceptable” the decision of Apple. RIM made it clear that they are a global leader in antenna design and the they always avoided the designs like the ones Apple used on iPhone 4. HTC responded through a PR voice that they had just 0.016% users complaining about antenna issues. Nokia, one of the largest mobile producers ensured customers that they put antenna design on top of their priorities when they design a new phone.

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Apple admits iPhone 4 antenna issue and will give free cases

iPhone 4 Free BumpersYesterday at Cupertino, California Apple gathered the press to hold up a conference where Steve Jobs will discuss one of the hottest issue: iPhone 4 Antenna Problem.

The conference begun in Apple way: “We are not perfect” “We want to make all our users happy”, said Steve.

Then Steve admit that antenna issue is real, but this problem is on all smartphones(Nokia, BlackBerry, HTC, Samsung). This thing may be possible, but why is Apple quoting other companies when they should have mind their own problem and solve it !? We think Apple point of view was shameless regarding this issue.

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