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Microsoft wants to reinvent email and announces

Microsoft OutlookHotmail was released in 1996 and Microsoft bought it under one year later to re-brand it as their own and make it one of the largest used e-mail services in the world. In fact it held the throne as the top service for years and in fact was still considered the top used e-mail service in 2010 according to comScore.

Its popularity has largely declined over the past few years in the tech, geek, and young adult communities as GMail has risen in popularity but it still has a large user base. With Microsoft’s re-branding of Windows that is coming with 8 it appears it was time to also re-brand its main e-mail service. While is still alive and well it is slowly being transitioned to a very Metro styled

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Facebook was the Most Searched US Term in 2011

Facebook SearchOut of the 1,000 top search terms throughout this past year, Facebook was #1 in the U.S. It is the third year running, and a 46% increase over 2010, coming in at 3.10% of all searches for 2011. If you include variations on the term facebook that occurred in the top 10, the percentage is 4.42, and is only a 24% increase over the 2010 results.

Youtube jumped from third to second between 2010 and 2011. Facebook login followed in third place. Fourth was craiglist, followed by

Clearly, social networking phrases were most dominant for 2011, as could be seen by their piece of the pie: 4.18 percent of the total 50 top search terms, a 12 percent increase over 2010.

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