Binatone HomeSurf 705Wouldn’t you like to own an Android tablet for under £100! Binatone sells the HomeSurf 705 for just that price. It certainly doesn’t look that cheap on the outside. The sturdy construction is deceptive of the price. The case is thin and glossy, giving it the higher priced look. However, it’s loaded with the older Android 2.1, but it’s not even the version made for tablets. Another cost saving downgrade Binatone has taken is to leave out some tablet standards, such as a camera and bluetooth. The worst downgrade, though is the resistive screen. It is not nearly as precise as a capacitive screen.

Regardless of these deficiencies, this tablet should be given the respect it deserves for offering a tablet for such an affordable price. Binatone reminds us that the HomeSurf 705 is designed only for basic browsing, watching videos, reading eBooks, and using the Mindings app bundled with the tablet. It is really an offering for those not very adept with the newest tech gadgets.

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