hp LogoBy the close of 2014 the largest PC manufacturer in the world, Hewlett-Packard, will ax as many as 30,000 jobs. Their plan is to manage their own finances by destroying the finances of 8% of its work force. This will save the PC giant a whopping $3.5 billion per year. They do not need to make up for deficiencies anywhere else, since they revealed that the money saved would be invested back into the company.

The real motivator for HP may have been the great success of iPad. As HP’s sales have gotten big bites taken out of them, they have considered reshaping their business processes. This so-called transition period will see Mike Lynch, head of HP’s Autonomy division, replaced by the current chief strategy officer, Bill Veghte. Lynch is attributed with starting up Autonomy, the software company that grew into one of the biggest tech companies throughout the UK. Autonomy was bought out by HP, though, in 2011 for a bit more than $10 billion. Could that have been a conflict of interest, since the guy who founded the company worked in the upper echelons of HP at the time of the buyout?

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