Samsung Galaxy S4Samsung had just unveiled Galaxy S4 and we should talk about it. Don’t be too excited because frankly Galaxy S4 is all about software. You’ll see what I mean in a split second. Before going deeply into it, I have to say that Samsung Unpacked event was one of the strangest product announcements I ever watched. I know the venue was Radio City Music Hall from New York City, but seriously Samsung, were you kidding?

TheĀ  event was just like a live theatre scene with actors that were put in several plays too highlight some of the key features of the Galaxy S4. For those who were experiencing the Unpacked event live at Radio City Hall I’m sure it was entertaining, but for those who sit in front of a computer it was a weird and awkward. No one wanted to see an orchestra that would go under the scene or a lot of actors playing various situations. But maybe that’s because Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with a list of software features that no one ever thought 2-3 weeks before.

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