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Best of Mobile World Conference 2017

Samsung Gear VR 2017Mobile World Conference 2017 (MWC) was full of awesome new releases and teasers for the latest in mobile tech. Now it is time to look back and try to pick out the best. With so much cool consumer tech coming out, it will be hard to choose.

Samsung Gear VR

Samsung has jumped in bed with Oculus to offer their first ever VR headset, complete with a controller. This is a serious move in the virtual reality world, putting one of the biggest names in mobile innovation directly into the realm of gaming.

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Get Your Mod On – LG G5 Release Date and Specs

LG G5It feels like it’s been a while since a smartphone company feels like it’s created a phone that’s different. LG G5 takes something people do anyway and made it a standard feature. People like to add features to their devices, from helpful battery power to connecting to speakers for better sound. Every phone user is different and has different wants to what extras their phone has. LG’s G5 ability to add modules to the device recognises the simple fact that many smartphone users (Especially Android users) love customization.

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