T-Mobile G2When T-Mobile G1 was released, everybody became happy because it was a mobile device built with Google and HTC help. It happened in 2008 and since then no one ever complained about this phone.

Today we are more than happy to find out that earlier, during a press release made at Washington, T-Mobile announced they will soon release G2 phone.

T-Mobile G2 delivers 4G  speeds same as HTC Evo or Samsung Epic, but over HSPA+ network and is built on Android 2.2 Froyo platform.

The 3.7-inches display has 16M colors(G1 had 65k) and is featuring accelerometer sensor, swype text input, multi-touch input method. Like his younger brother, G2 has a QWERTY keyboard which unveils each time you slide the phone to the right side.

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