No SpamThis is really good news for everyone who has an inbox. In an operation that took just 10 days from its initial report through today to complete there was a huge success in the battle against spam. Grum, one of the world’s largest spamming bot nets, was severely crippled losing over 4/5th of its network. The Grum network itself was responsible for 18% of the ENTIRE world’s spam. This is good news for everyone not just any particular country.

The bot net itself was brought down primarily by the actions of FireEye’s Atif Mushtaq who had initially reported on July 9th that he had discovered the bot net and what it would take to remove it from all of our inbox’s lives. For those who are wondering FireEye is one of the premiere trackers of spam and malware and tirelessly work to end their reign of annoyance through terror of what can be done to our computers. In Musthtaq’s outline he pinpointed the 3 major servers that ran this four-year-old network of thousands of computers. Not only did he pinpoint them but he laid out a plan on how to take the bot net down once and for all.

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