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File-Sharing goes Offline thanks to the PirateBox

PirateBoxOnline piracy is being viciously and ruthlessly battled by the United States government in an attempt to protect copyright holders and the entertainment industry from further losses. Illegal downloads are like tiny cuts being reopened again and again – one cut doesn’t hurt but when there are hundreds and thousands of them they slowly bleed the substantial profits from the big wigs.

For years now the US government has been trying to stop pirating, but only recently have they struck major blows. While many will argue that the entertainment industry and many other companies have a monopoly and that the prices they are charging for their products are outrageous and disproportionate, almost everyone will concede with the fact that pirating is still illegal (albeit justified). So of course the United States government comes running to aid the entertainment industry and is now shutting down sites with a fevered intensity – guilty and innocent sites alike.

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Hotfile going down the same road as Megaupload

  • 10/03/2012 at 06:52 by It's a Gadget Staff
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MPAA vs HotfileAmong the hundreds of file-sharing sites, the MPAA is going strong against the well-known site Hotfile. Without any doubt, Hotfile ranks amongst the most used and best known sites on the Internet, and as a result it has become the enemy of Hollywood.

Ever since the MPAA sued the site on February 2011, there have been multiple actions taken up on the case, which includes court filing after court filing. Furthermore, Hotfile decided to file a lawsuit against Warner Bros. – which happens to be a member of the MPAA – claiming that they were exploiting their copyright means.  However, this very same week the MPAA has decided to make a significant move by filing a motion in Florida, which calls for summary judgment.

By doing this, the MPAA is hoping to take down Hotfile very soon and they’re going to try to steer away from having to go months in court. They are also comparing the site directly to Megaupload, which would make it in essence just as bad. The description used in court papers state that Hotfile has been put together around violations to copyright.

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