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How Cloudflare DNS should make the Internet more secure

  • 02/04/2018 at 23:36 by It's a Gadget Staff
  • Technology

CloudFlareCloudflare is looking to make the internet safer and with more privacy using DNS. The idea that Cloudflare is introducing is the DNS service The basic premise is simple, to create a DNS that does not allow ISP or someone who is hacking into your network to see what websites you are visiting. For many people, especially those in dangerous nations, this is a big plus to keeping themselves and their families safe.

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CloudFlare – Harvard Business School students turn their idea into a success story

CloudFlareInspiration comes in a variety of forms, even bad ideas. CloudFlare story is one of the best examples. Two Harvard Business School students were on a field trip. Matthew Prince had ideas, a lot of ideas. Michelle Zatlyn was to be Prince’s partner, but hadn’t decided on it yet. Tom Eisenmann is a faculty member of Harvard Business School, and thought that Prince and Zatlyn would work well together. Previously, the pair had been told that getting funding would be difficult, near on impossible.

While on a field trip to Silicon Valley, Prince didn’t let up hassling Zatlyn to be co-founders of a company. Prince had a small business already, Unspam Technologies.

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