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New possibilities for programming as IBM announces 20 qubit quantum cloud

  • 12/11/2017 at 04:44 by It's a Gadget Staff
  • Technology

IBM HeadquartersIBM has officially announced the next stage in their advanced cloud service, one that is based on a record breaking 20 qubit quantum machine, 15 qubits beyond their past incarnation.

The quantum computer cloud was already quite a leap in technology, offering 5 qubits for consumers for free. Now that early adoption has taken off, IBM is eagerly presenting their newest jump forward: an astonishing 20 qubit cloud that will be their first commercial quantum machine.

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Apple may partner with Comcast for a streaming device

  • 24/03/2014 at 19:18 by It's a Gadget Staff
  • News

Apple Comcast STBApple is planning to jump on board with the cable giant Comcast, in an attempt to remain relevant in a niche that is quickly passing them by. Comcast has been in the news a lot lately for their collaborations, such as their controversial purchase of Time Warner.

Apple has struggled for some time to break into the television niche. While there is a certain measure of success when considering iTunes, the platform is primarily used for free content like podcasts, or music sharing. They have never quite managed to take the entertainment world entirely, and past products like Apple TV have been a flop.

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OnLive announces new cloud gaming services

  • 05/03/2014 at 23:12 by It's a Gadget Staff
  • Gaming

OnLive MicroConsoleOnline gaming platform OnLive has announced that they have named former IGN chief Mark Jung as their new executive chairman. Along with this appointment comes new cloud gaming services and multiple platform combination, such as Steam integration.

Two years ago, OnLive suffered a major blow when it was forced to layoff a large chunk of its workforce and file for bankruptcy. They had been unable to compete with other gaming platforms, such as Steam and Origin. At the end of their tether, they were bought out by Lauder Partners. The sale only brought in $4.8 million, a fraction of their once hefty value projection of more than a billion.

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Windows Azure Mobile Services Launches, will power future Windows 8 and Mobile Apps

Windows Azure MobileWindows 8 is a new take on an Operating System by Microsoft and as it ties all of it’s devices together though the cloud there clearly has to be a backend for it all to tie together. Today we’re getting a sneak peak at what developers are going to be able to use for it with the announcement that Windows Azure Mobile Services Preview has been launched. Any developer looking to create software that will work across all mobile devices including future Windows 8 full installs may just want to look at this as their backend solution to future application development.

What exactly is Windows Azure Mobile Services?

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Amazon released Glacier cloud storage solution

Amazon GlacierAmazon has launched a new cloud service today for archival purposes and it is one that should make almost anyone who needs archival storage sit up and take note. The traditional choice for many enterprise and small business customers in the past was to use optical media or tape-based storage. The old way was both an expensive and time consuming process that you not only have to spend time backing up the software and sending out or archiving recovery data and making sure it has secure storage.

Today Amazon’s new service is looking to change that. Amazon Glacier solves all of these problems and does so in the cloud. This is Amazon’s second gamble that the cloud is the future of data storage for users and along the likes of Google, Microsoft, and Apple they are betting big on this, however this usage is targeted at the Enterprise market.

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Google Drive cloud service comes with 5GB of free storage

Google DriveIf it isn’t providing the world’s most advanced and largest search engine features, phone services, maps, video games, news, Gmail, documents and more, the dominating mega corporation has now revealed their cloud storage arm called Google Drive.

Yes, now Google has thrown in their silver lining to the cloud storage arena with their Google Drive.

Mind you, because it’s Google they’re not going to put out some average, run of the mill kind of product they’re going to brand it as much as they can just short of coming to your home and and tattooing their name on your forehead.  Google Drive is nothing like the other cloud storage companies.  Yes, Goggle Drive offers you 5 gigabytes of storage for free and it scales upwards to $50 for a terabyte, but Google has employed every aspect of the Google experience online from its documents to just about everything else that you the user needs.

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General Motors signed a Collaboration with Google for Cloud Services

Google Cloud ServicesGeneral Motors Corp. has signed on with Google Inc. for email and online collaboration software. The services will support over 100,000 employees at the vehicle manufacturer. As it stands, Google must meet specific demands GM has placed as stipulations of the contract, before GM sets up such a vast array of their staff on the system.

One representative of GM made it clear the company has not instituted in-house use of Google Apps yet, and that they are trying to remain open to alternative possibilities from cutting edge developers.

This is Google’s big chance to thwart Microsoft in the field of applications. If the GM deal is successful, this would in fact be the largest since Google began with Google Apps in 2007.

Google Apps competes head to head with Microsoft Office, but also adds Gmail and Google+.

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