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China may be mining data from your smartphone through ‘backdoor’, experts warn

  • 15/11/2016 at 23:59 by It's a Gadget Staff
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Android LogoA new vulnerability has been discovered in hundreds of thousands of Android devices, which experts say is sending data back to China for unknown reasons.

The software was created by a Chinese company called Shanghai Adups Technology Company, and according to a representative for the tech developer, it has been installed on at least 700,000 devices worldwide. Security experts at the Virginia-based Kryptowire found the software running in the background when searching for more traditional vulnerabilities.

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Apple investigating claims of labor violations from Chinese supplier

  • 29/07/2013 at 20:56 by It's a Gadget Staff
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PegatronAnother Chinese factory is at the center of a labor violation scandal. This time it is a contractor used by Apple in the development of their iPhone and iPad devices.

Reports confirm that human rights and labor violations at Pegatron Corp have been reported by various organizations through China. Among those violations are poor living and working conditions, overcrowded dorms, unknown fine print in contracts dictating the months that have to be worked to avoid fines, the withholding of pay and the taking of identification cards workers need to seek work elsewhere.

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Google sealed Motorola Mobility acquisition

Google and MotorolaGoogle’s break into the mobile phone market has hit like a meteor striking the Earth. With their purchase of Motorola Mobility at $12.5 billion, they are perched, ready to crush the competition, so they believe.

The Chinese government approved the deal, but with the stipulation that Android as an OS remain freely available to other device manufacturers for at least five more years.

This is Google’s largest acquisition so far and they are not holding back. They have already appointed a new management team for their new mobile phone division. This is truly a meteoric shot, since Motorola is the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer. Well, now Google is. You aren’t scared yet? You should be.

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Apple iPad selling again in Shanghai, for now

Apple iPad 2 Smart CoverFor the time being in Shanghai, Apple is allowed to sell iPad tablets, following a ruling regarding naming rights that was suspended. Another company, Proview, claimed to own rights to the name and has appealed to the courts to put a halt to Apple selling its wares in the city, Proview is a Chinese firm.

In response to Apple’s request, the local judicial authorities have postponed acting on the court ruling until after a more significant case has been dealt with later in the month. The claim Apple is making is that it received rights to the name iPad worldwide as far back as 2009. However, Proview has petitioned the court to force the iPad off of Shanghai shelves, not excluding Apple’s own stores. It is only a provisional request, but includes three Apple stores throughout the city. They claim to have registered the name in 2000, long before Apple manufactured their first iPad. Proview has even tried to scare Apple, by threatening to take it to court in the U.S. As well.

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Foxconn Robots will make iPhones in the Future

RobotsThe Chinese electronics manufacturing giant, Foxconn, generated revenue of almost $60 billion in 2010. Without a doubt, this is possible due to their wide portfolio of high-paying clients. Among their clients you will find Apple, Microsoft, Nintendo, Acer, Dell and Nokia, just to name a few.

Certainly, Foxconn has been making several devices for Apple in the last years. The company has been in the news several times due to their less-than decent working environment.  Their plants happen to be located in Shenzhen, and their employees are allegedly forced to work long hours.

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