Offline GmailIn today’s Internet world, some users cannot believe spots exist where the Internet actually disappears, but it does happen. With the high cost of mobile broadband and cell phone data packages, it makes fiscal sense to tolerate “dead air.” However, those depending on the Internet for scheduling and constant updates balk at this, knowing that constant synchronization between databases online and local storage keeps tasks together.

This was a big problem, but now Google has solved it with Gmail Offline, the latest installation package in the Google Chrome browser. Outlook claims to have the same capabilities but, in fact, is very limited. Files archive ONLY if you select them, and sometimes the email you need most isn’t the one you had the foresight to save. Also, calendar entries could only be made system wide by an administrating Outlook account.  Documents work with the old cut and paste. Anyone claiming Outlook has achieved what Gmail Offline has, obviously doesn’t use either.

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