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Bitcoin drops 20% after record high of over $11,000

The roller coaster ride of the Bitcoin movement is on its way down again due to two of the most significant cryptocurrency exchanges crashing on Wednesday morning. Bitcoin was trading at a record high of $11,400 before dropping $2,200 to $9,200. The Bitcoin exchanges that crashed were Coinbase and Gemini, […]


Evidence shows Craig Wright may not be Bitcoin creator

As previously mentioned on It’s a Gadget, Australian Craig Wright outed himself as the creator of Bitcoin, Nakamoto Satoshi. This is being heavily disputed, however. Facts against Wright Technology sites and blogs have gone about debunking White’s claim. Old blog posts were created and manipulated by Wright to contain information […]

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Craig Wright outs self as BitCoin creator

After years of speculation, Australian entrepreneur and computer scientist Craig Wright has outed himself as mysterious BitCoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. We have previously done two stories on the strange story of recluse and believed BitCoin founder Nakamoto. First was the reveal of who he was believed to be, a 64-year-old Japanese-American […]


Satoshi Nakamoto denies any connection to BitCoin

Yesterday’s story from Newsweek about the alleged inventor of BitCoin has exploded after Satoshi Nakamoto gave an interview to the Associated Press denying any connection at all to the digital currency. The story has already been bizarre and confusing. The BitCoin inventor was always a mysterious figure that had been […]