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Google Music is now Official

Google Music AnnouncementEarlier this year in May, Google announced that it would allow consumers to upload their music collection into the cloud storage as part of the Music Beta that was being launched by Google. The upload and storage process was free for everyone and would hold up to twenty thousand songs per person. This was part of Google’s attempt to allow consumers to get used to streaming data from any device however this now has been upgraded and is known as Google Music.

Google Music will encompass a variety of different aspects such as searching, buying, sharing, and listening to music in new ways. Whether consumers upload their music into the cloud or purchase the music from Google itself, Google Music will automatically sync the entire music library to all devices. This will make it simple for users to go without those annoying connection cords they need every time they want to transfer music onto a device.

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The growth of Firefox and what to expect from Beta 8 Version

  • 02/10/2011 at 16:49 by It's a Gadget Staff
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Mozilla FirefoxMany of you are familiar with Mozilla’s famous Firefox. For you Firefox users, you are probably familiar with the newly released Firefox version 7. The updated version was released not too long after the sixth installment of Firefox. It appears Mozilla started updating their Internet browser quite frequently since Firefox 4, following the trend of other Browsers.

When is the eighth version releasing you might ask? Well, funny enough, the beta for the eight version of Firefox was already released (only a few days after the current version was released).

Firefox 8, so far, has a few minor adjustments to the tab system. The interface remains the same from its predecessors; however the new browser itself comes with a few tweaks that many of its users may enjoy, including faster startup times and more efficient tabs.

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