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Archos GamePad 2 tablet will be available at $200

  • 10/10/2013 at 12:50 by It's a Gadget Staff
  • Gaming

Archos GamePad 2ARCHOS has announced that they are releasing the GamePad 2,  aimed at gamers who want a full console experience within an actual tablet.

The unique device will be both a gaming platform for those who want to take advantage of modern mobile graphics cards, but want other tablet specific features. Users would be able to switch from the games to an Android run tablet, including full browser and apps.

“Following the success of the GamePad 1, we knew that we could take the gaming-tablet concept further,” ARCHOS CEO Loic Poirier said in the press release.

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Archos goes cheaper with Arnova 8 and Arnova 10 tablets

Archos Arnova 8Arnova 8 and Arnova 10 are the two economic tablets from made by the famous tablet manufacturer from France called Archos. The media was so full of iPad 2 rumors and updates in a way that such tablets are not meant to be big hits, but these they are coming with some different purpose. The Arnova Android tablets target those types of consumers who does not want too many things from their tablets and want them to be affordable. The Arnova tablets do not come with an eye catching design or amazing specs, but they come with a give-it-a-try price tag and this should attract a specific category of consumers.

The two models called Arnova 8 and Arnova 10 are named after their screen sizes. So the Arnova 8 comes with an 8-inch screen and the Arnova 10 comes with a 10.1-inch screen. Archos is already famous for its cheaper tablets especially Archos 70 and 100 which took the attention of the media. For start, they have even omitted the capacitive touch screen at the first batch of production though they are promising that the next batch of production, scheduled to hit the market on April, will come with capacitive touch screen displays.

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Archos 70, a balance between features and budget

ARCHOS 70With a 7” display, ARCHOS 70 is one of the  richest Android tablet that is flooding the market for the last six months. Archos was already very matured in this market because they caught this train at the first time when the Android tablets were getting popular, but the previous models they had were something that looked cheap compared with iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab.

This time they have broken free from the drawbacks and stepped into the flow to the future with the 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor and the Android 2.2 Froyo loaded in it. Unlike last time when Archos tablets featured resistive touchscreen, this time they are using capacitive multitouch screen.

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