Sonos Play 3Sonos is an electronic company founded by John MacFarlane. To those who are not familiar, their products use WiFi in order to play music. The company is based in Santa Barbara, California and was founded in 2003.

The Sonos Play: 3 is a smaller and a cheaper version of their wireless internet connected speaker line. Although the brand is known for their expensive line of products, the Play: 3 is said to be the all-in-one wireless product. While it retails at $299, you will notice that it happens to be less pricey than the Airplay speaker by JBL, which sells for $350. The sound quality of the Play: 3 is similar to its bigger version, the Sonos S5.

For promotional purposes, the company slashed the price of its bridge from $99 to $49 in order to attract Sonos owners to setup their own Sonosnet mesh network into the air. Nonetheless, the Play: 3 will still work without a bridge; users only need to plug it in to a router.

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