Acer Iconia A great news hit us this week: Acer Iconia, a cool dual touchscreen laptop will be released in January. Touchscreen may be great feature, but is may also become a great lack. The laptop features two average 14 inch screens displaying 1366×768 pixels resolution and both of them are touchscreen. You can use all your fingers together to use the touchscreen as it features all point multi touch input.

Acer has demonstrated many features and uses for the second touchscreen and one of the coolest is extending pictures and documents from the first screen. Of course you will be able to do different tasks together in the two screens and anytime you want the virtual keyboard to appear you will need to put your palm and five fingers together on the lower screen and the keyboard will appear instantly. There are other gestures also whom can bring different apps and turn things on and off and you easy customize your gesture inputs and their results manually. Acer is also working on developing many touch friendly applications to use with this laptop.

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