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Although everyone expected iPhone 5, Apple decided to Announce iPhone 4S

Apple iPhone 4SFinally, the moment that everyone was waiting for: The release of the next-generation iPhone device (well, sort of). The rumors circulating around the web never ceased to change opinions about what kind of handset Apple would release next. Well I’m here to put those rumors to rest. Here are the facts!

About few hours ago, Apple announced the all-new iPhone 4S at their “Let’s talk iPhone” keynote in Cupertino, California. This was not a shocking surprise to many; however, the lack of the expected iPhone 5 sure did catch their attention. It was originally rumored that Apple would release a lower-end handset and a higher end (upgrade). What ended up happening?

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iPad 2 was announced by Steve Jobs in a new Apple event

Apple iPad 2Guess what guys? Apple just announce another incredible device yesterday during a conference held by Steve Jobs at San Francisco: iPad 2. Looking just the same, but thinner, iPad 2 comes with two major improvements: Apple A5 dual-core processor and two cameras(one VGA camera on the front and another one at the back).

As usual before announcing the main release of the day, Steve Jobs took the stage and featured some of the Apple last achievements: 100 million books downloaded from the iBooks store, 200 million accounts(with credit cards and 1-click purchasing), 2 billion $ paid to developers, 100 million iPhones sold, 15 million iPads sold in 2010 and 65.000 apps for iPad(Steve Jobs also laughed about Android claiming that they only provide only 100 apps for their tablets, but he forgot to say that Android Market provides more than 100.000 apps for their users and some of them are free. Even the movie where they showed autistic children’s that were helped by the iPad showed how marketing works at Apple. To laugh about tablets that support dual-core processor, sim cards and most important, Adobe Flash, is a very ridiculous thing, but for Apple is not. Don’t get us wrong, we are not against Apple, but every user should know every good or bad side of a product.

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