Nokia 6700 SlideSometimes you look for something simple and straightforward in a mobile phone, and some of the most basic and easy to use phones are made by Nokia. A lot of their classic models are not only solidly built but also extremely durable, so they will take quite a beating. The Nokia 6700 Slide is a phone you’d think would be one of these simple phones, an updated version of the 6500 Slide and at the same time a slide version of the 6700 Classic. Yet this phone has a few surprises in store.

The Series 40 operating system of the previous models has been replaced with Symbian version 9.3, an interesting move on Nokia’s part as this system is known for being very unreliable and freezing often. An ARM 11 600 MHz processor completes the view, but we think this was not necessary as the phone lacks both GPS and Wi-Fi features. On the other hand, its HSPA provides lightning fast Internet connectivity, with a download capacity of up to 10Mbps and uploads of up to 2Mbps. The impressive 3G connection is supplemented by Bluetooth 2.0 and USB connectivity as well.

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