4G LTE Articles

Verizon announces a Compaq Netbook and their own 4G Network

Verizon Compaq Mini CQ10 688nrTo those who have been waiting, Verizon Wireless has finally made it clear that their Compaq Mini CQ10688nr netbook with 4G-network capability is available online market from August 4. If you’d like to place your order, simply log on to www.verizonwireless.com.

The Compaq Mini, which was unveiled during CES 2011, has been tried and tested to deliver a proper equilibrium between style, size and performance. Video streaming, web-cam chatting and mp3/mp4 downloading, photo sharing and video recording will be an ordinary task for the slim and genius netbook. With the 4G LTE capability of the Compaq Mini, accessing the HP Cloud Drive (similar to Skydive), an online mini database for all your files, will be quicker to access anytime and anywhere.

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Samsung Droid Charge will be released soon and features 4G LTE

Samsung Droid ChargeSamsung Droid Charge is a 4.3-inch phone and it’s the slimmest 4G LTE Smartphone from the Verizon network. This phone runs Android 2.2 Froyo which is a little bit outdated for a phone with such specifications. It’s nothing like revolutionary in any field of specs, but if you compare features with the present smartphones nothing is missing here. So we can call it just another perfect smartphone which has the capability to satisfy most of the users.

The 4.3-inch display comes with a good resolution of 800 x 480 pixels which is great if you are used to mobile entertainment. It’s also pretty slim having just 14mm thickness even if it gets thicker at the bottom which reminds us about the recently released HTC Thunderbolt.

The only problem with this phone could be the plastic built which may have given a glossy look, but as soon as you have some scratches on it the show is over. It looks a bit cheaper too. Unlike most of the Android phones this one has four physical buttons at the bottom which includes a search button besides the other three usual buttons.

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