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Nokia at MWC 2012: 808 PureView and Lumia 610

Nokia 808 PureViewProbably the most amazing news was the 41MP camera on the Nokia 808. Amazing, but true! You read correctly, forty-one mega pixels. Like it or not, the Lumia 900 is being released in Europe and Canada. Nokia’s bottom of the barrel phone, the Lumia 610 is ready for release as well at a very low price.

This 808 has the Symbian OS. We all thought Nokia had completely given up and jumped ship to Windows, but we see one straggler. Despite the conflicting OS choice, the hardware is rock solid. The Nokia 808 is powered by a 1.3GHz single-core, but is has a 4” 640×360 AMOLED screen, at 16:9 ratio nHD display. The internal memory is 16G, sufficient for most applications.

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Sony at MWC 2012: Xperia P and Xperia U

Sony Xperia PWe caught of glimpse of Sony’s WhiteMagic display at MWC 2012. It was embedded in their Xperia P, which was a nearly identical but small knockoff of the Xperia S. The WhiteMagic refers to an extra white line of pixels added to the good old RGB. How do this work? Text is sharper and visuals are better in sunlight. Also, the viewing angle was much wider and the contrast sharper.

This phone is stuck on Android 2.3.7 and won’t get hit with Android 4.0 until the second quarter. Also, you are chained to Sony’s extensive customizations, which is a grave disappointment. From Sony’s side it’s a good thing, because you have their hooks in you by being directly plugged into their content services. However, the camera is instantaneous. The shot you take when the camera’s in sleep mode takes only one second.

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HTC at MWC 2012: One Smartphone Suite and Sense 4.0 UI

HTC One SmartphonesHTC realizes that it needs to overhaul its entire line of phones, but is it doing what it needs fast enough and is it being instituted as widely as it needs to please the public? Of course, the company line is to glamorize it as an already achieved success, but reality proves otherwise. This reality can be seen in the so-called “new” HTC phones for 2012: One S, One X and One V which were announced at MWC 2012.

Head of UK marketing for HTC, James Atkins tried to justify the slow and inconsistently applied changes, “We are still a young company and everything in our market is changing so quickly.” Is this a statement or an excuse? After all, HTC made a rather meteoric rise from white label to the top Android phone. But it slipped, yielding to Samsung and would rather forget this entire time period and start afresh.

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The biggest release from MWC 2011: Samsung Galaxy S II

Samsung Galaxy S IIThis year Mobile World Congress is almost finished and the biggest news is that Samsung had announced the second version of Galaxy S called Galaxy S II.

The toughness of an operating system (Android 2.3 Gingerbread) should be combined appropriately with a lot of factors though, such as hardware, software, and design, so as to be able to make an impact in the more and more crowded smartphone market.

Samsung Galaxy S II tackles the design aspect by squaring all of the corners at its outer body so some might say “it looks like an immitation of the similarly squre iPhone 4“.No one knows exactly what was going on inside the designers room at Samsung, but iPhone-ing inclination in design had been evident indeed as far as the older Galaxy S, the body of which was “similar” to iPhone 3GS. However, that inclination is not relevant in the eyes of the field reporters that reported the launching ceremony from Barcelona.

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HTC unveils at MWC 2011 three new smartphones: Wildfire S, Desire S and Incredible S

HTC Wildfire SHTC announced at MWC during their press conference the release of three new smartphones, each one having special features, but all three have the same operating system, Android. HTC Desire S, Wildfire S and Incredible S are the smartphones that they expect to be very popular as their previous versions ruled the market and faced too few complains to mention and they are likely to keep their perfection in the coming phones too.

Along Android OS, another common thing found between all these phones is the use of HTC Sense UI, which we all know is the HTC customization layer that fits perfectly the Android. HTC are going to ship Wildfire S and Desire S phones with the 2.3 version of Android which is also named as Gingerbread and Incredible S will come to the market loaded with Android 2.2 Froyo but will support an upgrade to 2.3 version ‘in the near future’.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia Play finally made official at MWC 2011

Sony Ericsson Xperia PlayThe wait is over gadget lovers as just few minutes ago Sony Ericsson leave every rumour away and officially announced Xperia Play at Barcelona. What a way to begin MWC 2011 !!!

There were doubts that any mobile phone manufacturer in the world would produce a phone that is optimized both as telephony and as a gaming gadget. Sony Ericsson teased these doubts as far as October 2010 by leaking a prototype of such phone, which stirred many enthusiasts. However, until January 2011, people saw only one full-playstation handset offered by the mother company of the teaser (PSP2).

The official announcement was teased last week by a Super Bowl ad where the green Android was attached with human fingers symbolizing that “Android is ready to Play”(two thumbs at each shiny green hand, exactly).

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HTC brought Legend, Desire and HD mini at MWC 2010

HTC Legend, Desire and HD miniLegend, Desire or HD mini should be your questions in case you choose HTC. The three mobile devices had been presented by HTC during a press conference last week at MWC 2010, Barcelona.

Let’s begin with Legend, a model we’ve previewed last December in one of our post, discovering all of his features, but this was not official as it was at MWC. Made of a single piece of aluminium, the Legend phone has an AMOLED display with 16 M colors. It features an optical trackball, under the display and a 5 megapixel camera, on the back.

The processor is clocked at 600 Mhz and supports the Android™ 2.1 platform (Éclair) with HTC Sense. The storage has 384 Mb(RAM) and 512 Mb(ROM) which can be extended through microSD card slot, up to 32GB. Connectivity offers Bluetooth 2.1, Wi-Fi, Gprs, MicroUSB and the Li-Ion battery has 1300 mAh.

Enough with Legend, next is Desire.

Desire model is one the biggest mobile phone released by HTC on the market. It comes with an 3.7-inches AMOLED touchscreen and 1 Ghz Snapdragon processor(same as Nexus One). The operating system is the same as Legend, Android™ 2.1. Under the display there are 4 buttons and in the middle, is situated a trackpad. The back camera has 5 megapixel and the battery is an Li-Ion one with 1400 mAh. Internal memory has 512 Mb, the RAM one 576 MB and the connectivity options stays the same from Legend.

The last, but not the poorest model presented by HTC at MWC 2010 was the HD mini one.

As design HD mini is the smallest version of HD 2 model and comes with a 2.7-inches touchscreen. The processor has 600 Mhz and features Windows Mobile 6.5 version for operating system with HTC Sense user interface(UI). The back camera is the same, 5 megapixel as well as the connectivity features, but the battery is a Li-Ion one with 1200 mAh.

These are the three wonders that HTC featured during  MWC 2010 and plans to launch this year.


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