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Hype is over: Samsung S9 and S9 Plus get announced during MWC 2018

Samsung Galaxy S9 S9 PlusThe new Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ have made their debut at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona. With a focus on improving the camera and speed of the new model, Samsung is looking to offer something memorable in what is rumored to be the last of the Galaxy S series.

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Sony introduces the ultra-thin Xperia Z4 Android tablet at MWC 2015

  • 02/03/2015 at 23:50 by It's a Gadget Staff
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Sony Xperia Z4 Tabletony, XFor fans of the Xperia series of tablets, a new update is hitting shelves. At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Sony has introduced the latest Xperia Z4, which will be even thinner, lighter, and maintaining many of the same features that made its predecessor such a hit.

Of all of the high end tablets on the market, Xperia has managed to impress consistently. The Xperia Z4 already looks to be continuing on the tradition, being more lightweight than its already incredibly weightless former model, as well as waterproof for added security. But it is the specifications that give it the real edge.

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HTC One (M9) makes a very small splash as MWC 2015 continues on

HTC One M9The HTC One (M9) has been shown off at MWC, and the reviews of it have been surprisingly unimpressed. Was it as much of a disappointment as so many media outlets are claiming?

As anyone who read the Mobile World Congress preview knows, I was a fan of the HTC One (M9). But a number of media outlets, for example The Verge, are calling is a disappointment and failure. Personally, I think it is a victim of its own hype, and that the device itself is solid.

Here is a breakdown of the phone, so you can decide for yourself.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge have finally been revealed in full at MWC 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6At MWC today, everyone was waiting with bated breath for the Galaxy S6 reveal. Now, after months of leaks and rumors, we finally have it…and something a little extra.

Samsung actually unveiled two new handsets today, not just one. Both are part of a highly secretive effort code named Project Zero. From early in learning of Project Zero, people believed it was an effort to entirely rebuild the Galaxy series as something new, and that is exactly what we got.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 has been unveiled at MWC 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5Samsung has finally unveiled their Galaxy S5 device, during a keynote at the Mobile World Congress 2014 from Barcelona, Spain.

This is a release that many people have been eagerly anticipating. The latest in the very popular Galaxy line, rumors have been fluttering around the internet for weeks about what features we might expect.

According to the company, they have focused more on “what matters to consumers”, and gone back to more basic features than their last several devices. Given their penchant for being the latest to offer capabilities no one really wanted but sound cool, this is a refreshing change.

Among those features are a 16 MP camera that will be among the highest quality in a smartphone on the market, with a new interface and menu for editing, saving and sharing photos and  video.

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Nokia X family of smartphones revealed at MWC 2014

Nokia X SmartPhoneThe Mobile World Congress is underway in Barcelona, Spain, and already we have some exciting news. Nokia has unveiled their new line of smartphones from their X line, connecting with both Windows and Android users in their new devices.

Well know for being a more affordable mobile option,  Nokia is continuing the trend by offering a whole new line of handsets that will provide access for “the next billion” smartphone owners at a cheaper cost.

First on the list are the Nokia X, Nokia XL and Nokia X+. Each of them are made to connect to Windows services such as the recently launched rebranded cloud service, OneDrive.

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Blackphone privacy smartphone will be unveiled at MWC 2014

Blackphone Privacy SmartphoneAs privacy concerns continue to circle in everyone’s minds, and the NSA and related scandals dominate headlines, the new Blackphone smartphone is hitting the market. The Blackphone, brainchild of Silent Circle and Geeksphone, will put privacy first.

The phone, which will be revealed in Barcelona during the Mobile World Conference on February 24, 2014, is a backlash against the recent revelations about the extent of government surveillance. While the US is at the heart of that scandal, many other countries have been revealed to have their own programs, or to have aided and benefited from the US’s monitoring of citizens and people abroad.

It is an attempt to create a mobile device without the technological back doors secretly enacted by agencies like the NSA, and in defiance of the spying agency bullying companies for access to user data.

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