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3 Reasons why you should buy the new iPhone SE

Apple iPhone SE 2020Apple has recently announced the long-awaited new iPhone SE, and it has taken the internet by storm. But why though? Well simply because it is amazing on all fronts. Here are three things I love about the new iPhone.

iPhone SE Performance

The new iPhone SE is using the A13 Bionic as the main chip. If you don’t quite know what that means, let me explain. This new iPhone is using the same brains as the iPhone 11 Pro, which is the fastest iPhone Apple offers. This means that the new iPhone is tied the fastest iPhone out there, absolutely mind-blowing! Anything you do on this phone should be incredibly smooth and fluid, from playing your new favorite game, or opening up complex applications such as Photoshop.

With all that performance in the chip, the camera is largely improved. Although it uses a similar setup of the iPhone 8, it should have better picture quality to the improved processor. It features the very popular portrait mode which artificially blurs the background of photos to make the subject pop.

iPhone SE Size

Honestly, screen sizes in the past few years have been insane recently. Do you really need a 6.5-inch screen on your iPhone 11 Pro? Or do you really need the equivalent of three huge screens with products such as the Galaxy Fold?
I know I don’t need that. In fact, the phone I currently have only has a single modest 6-inch screen, and In my opinion it’s too big. It’s not comfortable reaching all the way to the far corner with my thumb simple due to the size.
But, let us rejoice! The new iPhone SE swoops in and saves us from straining our thumbs. This new iPhone has a mere 4.7-inch display, which may seem like a bad thing, but I beg to differ. I know I don’t need a big screen, because that’s just not how I use my phone. I use my phone to call people, look at Google Maps, and occasionally watch a small YouTube video. Besides this, I don’t need a big screen and you probably don’t either. Plus, a smaller screen will improve battery life and decrease the cost of the phone.

iPhone SE Price

This is also what everyone is talking about. The price is crazy cheap, compared to Apple’s other offerings. The base model of the new iPhone SE comes in at just $399. Compare this price tag to the iPhone 11 Pro at $999, and you can see the immense value in the iPhone SE.
By setting the price tag to such a low value, Apple is finally competing with cheaper android phones like the Google Pixel 3a. For the past years, Apple had no product this cheap, but now finally, almost anyone can join the iPhone ecosystem for not that much money. Although, we still realize that this is a lot of money to a lot of people, the iPhone SE is a much easier pill to swallow than the other significantly more expensive iPhones.


You can pre-order the new iPhone SE on and it becomes available on March 24th. As you could tell by reading this article, we are extremely excited to get our hands on the device so we can see how great it is. The iPhone SE may be the best value smartphone for 2020, something I did not expect to say about an Apple product.

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