Bankera ICO aims to disrupt the crypto world

BankeraBankera is looking to make cryptocurrency easier and affordable so that it can move quickly into mainstream circulation. There is no doubt that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin can end up being the future of how we make payments locally and internationally but at present, the market is a rough and tumble world that people know to be a way to make quick money. However, for cryptocurrency to succeed it needs to have a stable base where people see the value. Fiat currency can go up and down, but not at the drops that something like Bitcoin does.

Bankera helping cryptocurrency to become mainstream

Imagine being a store owner that accepts Bitcoin. One moment you could sell a product or a service at a certain amount, and within the time it takes the transaction to process the value of the currency is dropping. That is bad for everyone due to instability. Bankera is different where it is aiming to be around long term and pre-empt any legislation and IT arrangements.

Rather than going on its own, the company has individual international bank account numbers and can use the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA). The aim is to become a digital bank with everyday banking accounts, quick and cheap international bank transfers and a Bankera Payment Card like your current debit card. It seems that Bankera wants to revolutionize the banking sector rather than create a playground for investors and speculators.

ICO offerings

Bankera tokens will have a limit of 25bn tokens with a pre-Initial Coin Offering (ICO) priced at 0.01 EUR and 0.017 EUR for its ICO. This price makes it attractive and affordable for people to buy into the new cryptocurrency at a time when the values of competitors are overly expensive. Whatever coins go without collection will be given pro-rata to contributors of pre-ICO and ICO, so the contributor will receive double the tokens. The coming ICO will be on the SpectroCoin platform, allowing payments to come from 20 various methods.

The ICO will offer virtual currency tokens called “Bankers” (BNK), with the money that comes in used for the development of Bankera as a project. An endowment payment of 20 percent of the transaction net revenue that comes from Bankera and SpectroCoin will go to BNK token holders each week.

Bankera Exchange Platform

Besides having their own currency, Bankera is also preparing a great crypto exchange platform. We were able to test it recently and we have to say that we are impressed they way it looks and feel right now.

On the exchange platform you can exchange BNK token together with other currencies like BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, NEM and so on. Bankera will focus on offering low-cost and high turnover trading in an environment designed specifically for cryptocurrency traders.

Banking on the Blockchain

Starting with SpectroCoin, Bankera comes from what the company saw as what it needs to do for stability. SpectroCoin provides users with wallet and exchange services for cryptocurrencies. The company is combining traditional banking services with Bitcoin to create something that is for everyday use – Easy, affordable and straightforward. SpectroCoin users will have access to Bankera, giving them a base of 700,000+ clients. Recognising that cash is still and will remain an essential part of many economies, especially in developing nations, the company will have partnerships with existing cash deposit and withdrawal retail providers and a network of agencies across the world to process transactions.

A financial specialist with a background in Banking, Audit, and Business is involved. This background of financial sure that Bankera remains a financial company and a tech business. The company is currently profitable which is a change from companies that are running at a loss straight off the bat.

Security and effiency

Security will have enhancements to the system that are not available with other companies. Users will be able to sign contracts using an e-signature with plans for more features in the future. Adding artificial intelligence can add a lot to the computation power and trend determination. Bankera can use it immense IT infrastructure as a base to build a digital bank that is unlike anything else available now.

In a quote from Bankera’s white sheet:

“We believe that digital means distributed, hence Bankera as a company will issue digital tokens on the distributed blockchain as an initial coin offering (ICO) to allow supporters to contribute to the development of a purely digital bank. The aim of the ICO is not to test a speculative idea, but to provide the capital to enable Bankera as a product to expand its existing services to compete with existing banks as an equal across all areas of operation including payments, lending, currency exchange, and investments. We encourage supporters to try Bankera’s services before participating in the ICO.”

Bankera is adding on to the blockchain, giving cryptocurrency something that is needed. It is all well and good having Bitcoin in a wallet, but the problems with using Bitcoin, its instability and the speculation that surrounds it scares away people who just want payments to be cheap and simple.

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