New possibilities for programming as IBM announces 20 qubit quantum cloud

IBM HeadquartersIBM has officially announced the next stage in their advanced cloud service, one that is based on a record breaking 20 qubit quantum machine, 15 qubits beyond their past incarnation.

The quantum computer cloud was already quite a leap in technology, offering 5 qubits for consumers for free. Now that early adoption has taken off, IBM is eagerly presenting their newest jump forward: an astonishing 20 qubit cloud that will be their first commercial quantum machine.

Quantum Computing: Offering New, Exciting Possibilities In The World Of Programming

This is no mean feat and it has many in the tech world buzzing. A quantum computing machine works by storing and interpreting data in multiple states, rather than the standard 0’s and 1’s of binary code that are switched on or off.

One of the primary potentials being brought up for these forms of machine is in the future of artificial intelligence. With these multi-state machines it will be possible to program a more intuitive, changing and learning intelligence than in the current world of binary computers.

On a more abstract note, some theorize that science fiction staples like teleportation could even be possible as this technology advances, becoming more and more advanced.

Pushing The Boundaries

The 20 qubit cloud will be available around the end of the year. But it isn’t stopping thee…according to IBM they have already made a 50 qubit prototype that they will be releasing soon for commercial use.

It is an amazing increase in power over such a short period of time. Those who have been watching the tech grow will notice that it seems to be working at hyperspeed. Who knows what will happen in another five years? If it keeps going at the rate it has been, the possibilities are truly mind boggling.

Source: IBM

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