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Get a leg up on Black Friday with the hottest electronic gifts of 2017

Black Friday Cyber Monday 2013The holidays are almost upon us and for those of us who like to get shopping done early, now is the perfect time to do it. Black Friday is just around the corner in the US. For Europe, it is already here. So what deals are currently taking the electronics world by storm?

Here are ten awesome selections from the creme de la creme of the gadget shelves.

Google Pixel 2 From Verizon

Google’s Pixel line has been making a real name for itself, overshooting some of the best smartphones on the market in current reviews. The Pixel 2 was especially anticipated and now it has hit the markets and made a serious splash. If you are in the market for a top line handset and prefer Android to iOS (which would be most of us), now is a good time to pick it up.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

Samsung really hyped up their Samsung Galaxy S8 and even followed in Apple’s footsteps for the S8+, a larger model that had very similar overall specs. So far it seems to have delivered. Powerful, delivering gorgeous graphics, offering a shatterproof and waterproof glass/casing and with the now-expected curved display it is considered one of the best currently available for consumers. Many providers are offering deals right now to give it to you for a discounted price, so check it out.

Amazon Fire With Alexa 7″ Tablet

Still not on the Amazon Fire train? You should be, it is one of the better multi-media tablets around and for a fraction of the price of an iPad. Right now you can get one with Alexa for $59.99, with further deals expressed as we get closer to Cyber Monday. This is the lower end model of Fire tablets, so if you want something more you can always go with their 8″ HD or 10″ HD models for a bit more oomph.

iPad Mini 4 128 GB

Prefer an Apple? Rumor has it that Best Buy will have the tablet in coming weeks for $279, more than $100 off of its original sales price. Of course, that means it is going to go fast. You may have to camp out in person to get the deal, which is not something most people would be willing to do. After Black Friday, however, there is a chance the iPad could end up a bit cheaper on the site as well so keep an eye out.

XBox 360

Yes,  am going old school with a past generation console. But it is still a great system and GameSpot is reporting that GameStop will have $60 XBox 360’s (used, but operational) with a $60 mail in rebate…free game system!

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