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Track your electricity usage with Glow

GlowCurrently, it’s difficult to know exactly how much electricity your home uses. So many devices that get plugged in, but nothing to tell you about your power usage. Glow, available on Kickstarter, is an ambient home energy tracker that will give you the information you need to cut down your electricity bills.

Glow is easy to install

Glow attaches to your meter box outside and reads how much electricity is moving into your home. The device uses the same technology as a smartphone’s compass – magnetic resistive sensing. The data is then sent to an app on your smartphone and to Glow’s backend servers to analyse and help you understand your electricity usage on a deeper level.

A second device is used for in-home. This tool is helpful as it can send you an alert if you left a stove, air conditioner or other electrical gadgets on. The app can be used anywhere and is available iOS and Android. Future bills can be calculated based on your current usage and rates. There is a function that allows you to put in your budget and helps you to keep your bill within your means.

The gadgets have wireless sensing, smart energy indicator, a snooze button for the light and a uses less power than a single LED bulb. The app is easy to use and intuitive to new users.

Works with many devices

Glow works with other smart home devices like car chargers, with the list of compatible gadgets growing. Installation is easy and doesn’t require any special electrical knowledge. You simply put the device on the utility meter box and the Glow gadget into your home. Glow has an LED light that lets you know it’s on and working.

The standard gadget comes in charcoal or linen colours. A special Kickstarter edition comes in walnut with a gorgeous hardwood base that’s hand numbered. There are only 300 of this limited edition available. This device is currently only available to American and Canadian customers. The gadget is compatible with most digital “smart” meters in US homes. The aim of Glow is to be easy to install, easy to use and easy to maintain.

Standard price for Glow will be $499.

The Kickstarter rewards are now no longer available. But lucky customers got the Glow for $149, and early birds paid $175 or a Kickstart exclusive for $199. A limited-edition walnut coloured device was avaiable for $299 as an early bird special.

Source: Kickstarter

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