Swidget – Powering a smart home

SwidgetSwidget, currently on Kickstarter, is an updated power outlet for the digitally enhanced smart home. The device works as a simple power outlet, but unlike anything else, the gadget has features that you can add and change. Swidget looks to take away a lot of mess from around power points and make your home smarter and neater.

Functions of the Swidget

Smart homes can do a few different things, depending on what you own and what you need. Swidget adds to the internet of things in your house to make life a little easier. The makers have thought the gadget out to be future proof – So if you get a device now, you’ll still be able to use it in 5 years. The design is minimalist and simple, aiming to sit on the wall without standing out.

To add a function to the outlet, users place a module into a special space in the Swidget outlet and set the function using an app on your phone or tablet. The platforms that can connect to this gadget include Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa, Nest, Smartthings and others. WiFi, Z-Wave and ZigBee protocols are compatible with the gadget.

The functions that this device is capable of makes it a handy thing to have around. You can keep track of what is using the most power, be notified when power usage changes or things are turned on. There is a motion sensor, Bluetooth speaker, a temperature and humidity sensor, AI assistant extender, video camera, emergency light, power monitor, USB charger, automatic time, a wireless signal booster, illuminate floors or control lighting, aromatherapy, white noise speaker and a carbon monoxide sensor.

Developer Kit and Pricing

Swidget is available as a developer kit with test cables, USB power monitor, blank test inserts, design files, power supply and simulation board. Developers will be able to design new functions for the gadget. The prototype has completed the pre-regulatory review and is yet to have completed formal regulatory testing.

You can pick up this gadget for an early bird special of $38. The pack contains a WiFi insert and a Swidget Outlet. The regular price will be $45 and an outlet with a Z-Wave insert is $47. Two outlets plus WiFi insets will be $65 ($75 early bird). Two outlets with Z-Wave inserts is $90. Three inserts plus WiFi inserts will set you back $95 ($110 early bird). Three outlets with Z-Wave inserts is $126, and a development kit is $500.

Source: Kickstarter

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