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Details of the coming iPhone 8 leaked online, launch date in September

Apple iPhone 8 RumourThe iPhone 7 was a bit of a bust with critics, but Apple is already on their way to something new with the iPhone 8. According to leaks, the latest in the iconic flagship is headed to shelves as early as the middle of September. It will be sold alongside the cheaper iPhone 7S, following the same line of products we have come to expect from the tech giant.

We don’t have too many details about the new model. Technical specifications are a bit scarce, leaving us looking at the iPhone 7 for clues about what we can expect moving forward.

Here are the rumors:

  • The OLED screen will be a 5.15″  2,436 x 1,125 display, which seems to point to a coming iPhone 8 Plus, like the models since the iPhone 6.
  • It will come in only three colors this time, silver, gold and black. No word on why they decided to opt out of the white models, which I always personally found more attractive than most Android devices on the market.
  • There will be no physical home button, and instead it is going all-display based with an on-screen digital home button.
  • Touch ID is going away, with increase facial recognition features instead.
  • It is going to be expensive, as in $1000+ expensive.

All of this seems a bit far fetched when you think of the iPhone 8 as a consumer device. Who would pay that much, even for facial recognition software? But insiders have been claiming that the smartphone is being dubbed the iPhone Pro, which could point to a change in focus. A professional device could justify the increase in cost.

That also means that consumers are going to be pushed out of the iPhone 8 buying sphere, opting instead for the iPhonje 7 or 7S as a lower cost option that still remains on the high end.

One leaked fact that apparently verifies this is that there will only be a limited number of iPhone 8’s released in the first month. Clearly Apple doesn’t want to mass produce them until they have seen the reception and a high price tag along with a totally new design would explain why.

I have to admit, Apple is losing a lot of their shine for me. Questionable decisions like the removal of the headphone jack, alongside this new push into a higher priced market just makes the iPhone less and less accessible. Add that to the continue refusal to allow for SD expansion and the wide gap between GB models and it all stinks to me.

Think I am going to be an Android girl for life now.

Source: Apple Insider

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