Stream in 3D to the world with the small camera SID

SID 3D StorytellingThere’s a lot of different cameras out there that all do kind of the same thing. For something a different, look at SID, the 3D camera that’s small, portable and much fun. The device fits into the palm of your hand and brings images to life.

Tech Specs for SID

The specs of SID are better than you would expect from a small appliance. The camera’s max video resolution is 3K (2880 x 1440) at 30 fps. Max photo resolution is 32MP (8064 x 4032). SID’s lens is FOV 160/F2.4. The size of the camera is a surprise, with a dimension of 80 x 40 x 19.5 mm. For weight, the gadget comes in at 60g. There is a micro USB 2.0 connection, a micro SD card slot and Wi-Fi 802.11n. The micro SD storage can handle micro SD cards up to 128GB. Battery power is 1300mAH. There is two USB modes, MSDC mode and UVC 1.1 mode.

SID comes with a gimbal to help your use the device. The gimbal has dimensions of 268 x 95 x 82 mm. Weight is 367g. Mechanical range is a tilt of 320°, a roll of 120° and a pan of 320°.


The features of SID are impressive. First, there’s the immersive 3D camera with stereoscopic effect 3D recording. Most 3D cameras with this feature are large, but this device is tiny in comparison to the competitors. If you into sharing the video on social media, the gadget can live stream in 3D to your friends and followers. All it takes is connecting the device to a smartphone or laptop, and you are streaming to the world in 3D.

When making videos, you can highlight and enhance the view of the video while live streaming. If you want the camera to move in and focus on a particular area, you can do that without having to have a second person. An interesting feature is an auto-follow function. Following you around as you move, the camera keeps you in focus and on the screen.

A camera kit comes with SID. Included in this kid is a gimbal that improves your ability to create amazing videos. Stability is important in video, and that is what the gimbal does, keeps the shot smooth.

SID is available on Indiegogo with a price of $269. This set contains the 3D camera, compatible USB cable and a camera protection bag. The SID cinema kid is available for an early bird special of $319 and a Indiegogo special of $379. This pack contains the 3D camera, 2 USB cables, a camera protection bag, the 3-Axis gimbal and a hands-free phone extension holder.

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