Ohmni: the robot that promises to keep families connected

Ohmni RobotA new IndieGogo backed campaign is promising to deliver a user friendly, mobile robot that helps keeps families connected. Ohmni is a ninth generation concept only being launched now, after two long years of work, design changes, and proofs of concept.

It is an impressive bit of technology. The robot is a human-height, easily maneuverable robot with an adjustable screen. It was built to be user friendly in the extreme, giving the operator the power to control the device through their computer. You just connect to WIFI, call in, and the robot activates. You control the motion, moving it from room to room.

Better Features

Unlike many other robots of this type, this one is made to be convenient. It is lightweight, so easy to move. It folds up for easy transport or storage. A do not disturb function makes it face the wall and deactivate all features for privacy, and it can be operated through four simple controls.

It is also quiet, which is a big improvement on past models. It quietly moves through a house so if you want to stick around for a long period of time, you won’t be annoying or disturbing anyone.

Charging is simple. You press a button and it deactivates the call, then autodocks. You also don’t have to worry about it falling over when it goes over cables, uneven ground, or changes from carpet to hardwood/linoleum. The large front wheels better balance it to protect it from falls.

Better Calls

The high quality calls are a big plus. Think of this is Skype that lets you travel from room to room, with a gorgeous display. The screen is HD, an the height makes it a more natural angle for communication. You control the volume of both speakers and mic, and it is powerful enough to pick up sounds far away.

For anyone who is away a lot and wants to keep in touch with those at home, this is an incredible innovation.

When to get Ohmni Robot

Ohmni is set to ship out in October 2017, with a $500 discount if you order before they are out of early bird slots. That makes it $1399, not a bad price for the level of technology. Especially given that this is their ninth generation, and so they have had plenty of changes to work out the bugs.

Source IndieGogo

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